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Lawyer Communications Workshops and Coaching

Our most popular workshops for law firms:

New Associate Communications workshops - we teach new and junior associates the virtual communication skills they need to excel as junior lawyers.

  • Oral Briefing Skills Workshop. Junior associates learn to get to the point, show confidence, deliver organized and relevant information in this new virtual environment.
  • Communicating Effectively with Colleagues Workshop. Best practices for communicating effectively (virtually) in a law firm. Covers email, phone, communication as client service, formality, process. Also cover the firm's communication style and culture of communication as client service.

Powerful Presence for Women - how to own any room, make a great first impression and get and keep audience attention.

Presentation Skills and Oral Briefing for Lawyers - we teach lawyers presentation skills and communication best practices. Can include videotaped mini presentations and with feedback. Offered as virtual workshops that can include virtual videotaping and feedback.

Impromptu Speaking - our Messaging in the Moment process teaches lawyers to think on their feet and give thoughtful, organized answers when put on the spot unexpectedly.

Pitching and Team Presenting - how to look like a team, engage a prospective client immediately and win pitches with smart questions and compelling stories. 

Using Media Interviews to Raise Your Profile - rules of the road for media interviews and other Thought Leadership. Mock interview practice with a former reporter.

Using Thought Leadership to Build Your Law Practice - we cover the process and skills you need to be seen as a Thought Leader in a way that attracts clients. Avoid Random Acts of Thought Leadership by choosing the right topics and re-purposing everything you create. Fast.

Marsha Redmon Presentation skills for lawyers

Helping lawyers present with presence, connect with clients and grow their practices through Thought Leadership.

Our lawyer communications and Thought Leadership workshops have been perfected over 20 years of working exclusively with elite law firms and lawyers. We customize every workshop to suit your firm's workshop/retreat goals and your culture.

Marsha Redmon's background as a former Big law lawyer and former TV journalist means instant credibility with even the toughest partner or associate audience. You know what we mean.

We work with lawyers at all levels - from law firm associates to senior partners and law firm executives. We also work with corporate and government lawyers. While 95% of our clients are lawyers, we also work with accountants, economists, lobbyists and technologists. 

"Marsha gets rave reviews from our lawyers every time. Since she works with lawyers only - her workshops are highly customized and very relevant to each group."

Chief Learning Officer, AmLaw 30 law firm

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