Communications + Business Development Workshops for Lawyers

“I always felt self-conscious and nervous while presenting. Marsha's tips on connecting with the audience really clicked for me. Now I feel and look much more confident .”

Associate, AmLaw 15 law firm

Virtual + Hybrid Presenting Workshops for Lawyers 

Virtual and Hybrid Presenting for Lawyers Workshops + Coaching

  •  In our Dynamic Virtual Presenting for Lawyers Workshop learn to avoid the common mistakes lawyers make when presenting and pitching virtually.
  •  Make sure your Virtual Persona is professional and inspires confidence. Flash coaching available too.
  • Learn to use our Virtual Presenting Messaging process to quickly organize your thoughts no matter how busy you are.
  • Can include virtual video recording and feedback.
  • Our Virtual Presenting for Thought Leadership Workshop covers presentations, CLEs, panels, and other high stakes scenarios where it is crucial that lawyers NOT be boring, look technically inept or feel uncomfortable.
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 Communication Workshops for Lawyers 

Lawyer Presentation Skills Workshops with Videotaping

  • Powerful Presentations for Lawyers Workshop. Informal and formal presentations. Highly customized for level of lawyers and additional topics and relevant scenarios. Can include: panel, pitch, speech, meetings, videoconference, CLEs.  

HOW IT WORKS: Overview workshop for all. Can be followed by small group or individual video recording w/ feedback. Can include other offices.

  • Advanced Presentation Skills Workshop. Learn specific skills and best practices for your choice of many communication settings. Can include panel, pitch, speech, meeting, videoconference, Q&A, CLE, podcast, media interview, using video for marketing or training. 
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Virtual New Associate Workshops and Team Building

  •  Oral Briefing Skills Workshop. How to get to the point, show confidence, deliver organized and relevant information as a new associate working virtually. Virtual communication best practices for virtual new associates or junior associates.
  •  Communicating Effectively with Colleagues Workshop. Best practices for communicating effectively in a law firm as a new associate. Covers email, phone, communication as client service, formality, process.
  •  Elevator Speech Workshop. How to engage with partners/clients, talk about work/practice, connect through questions. For new associates or junior associates. Have a version for senior lawyers.

 Communication Workshops for Women Lawyers 

Women Lawyers Communications Workshops

  • Powerful Presence for Women Lawyers Workshop. Projecting confidence and owning the room, strong first impressions, connecting. Delivery and messaging advice specifically for women. Optional videotaping and feedback.
  • Powerful Presence for Women Lawyers and Clients Workshop. Same as above. Our most popular topic for an event with women clients. Often presented during a luncheon or cocktail hour event.
  • Difficult Conversations for Women Lawyers Workshop. Learn how to say no, deliver bad news or negative feedback - and keep the relationship strong. Also how to keep the floor and be heard. Addresses delivery and messaging issues specific to women. Uses our Bad news messaging worksheets and process. Customizable for your scenarios.

Women Lawyers Business Development Workshops

  •  Business Development Your Way - The Power of Questions. Learn our business development process for women who want to be authentic while they target, connect, build relationships and get clients - without changing who they are. Learn questions that connect, build rapport and transition from personal to business. See how thought leadership and direct contact work together. Worksheets, checklist, optional role play. Great for women lawyers' retreats.
  •  It's All About Them - How Great Lawyers Connect. How women lawyers can make every interaction "about the client" from a communication, client service and connection perspective. Messaging specifics for women to communicate powerfully and concisely. Great for retreats. Interactive w/ video clips, checklists, templates.

 Business Development Workshops for Lawyers 

Workshops Teaching Lawyers to Talk About Their Practices + Pitch

  • How to Talk About Your Practice for Pitches, Elevator Speeches and Networking Workshop. Learn our lawyer messaging process to talk about your practice, be engaging and make it about the client, not you. Also practice skills needed for each scenario. Can include videotaping. Great for retreats.
  • For Practice Groups: Effective Pitches + Team Presenting Workshop. Look like a team, engage right away and prepare quickly for pitches. Messaging and team pitching with relevant presentation skills. With videotaping. Great for practice/industry group retreats. Customizable.
  • Coaching for Specific Pitch Teams. Work with us to prepare for a specific (or typical) pitch. Learn our process to create a winning pitch and practice looking like a team, delivering key messages, and engaging no matter what. Single or multiple sessions. With videotaping. Can work with lawyers in person, remotely and both.

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Legal Thought Leadership Workshops

  •  Business Development Your Way - The Power of Questions. Learn our business development process to target, connect, build relationships and get clients - without changing your core personality. Learn questions that connect. See how thought leadership and direct contact work together. Worksheets, checklist, optional role play. Great for retreats.
  • Using Media Interviews to Raise Your Profile Workshop. Rules of the road for lawyer media interviews, crafting great quotes, avoiding misquotes. Videotaping and feedback on realistic mock media interviews. As a former reporter and lawyer, Marsha is the best choice for this topic, hands down!
  •  Leveraging Video or Podcasts to Build Your Practice. How lawyers, practice groups and firms can use videos or podcasts to raise their profiles and get clients. Look and sound good on video and audio, pick compelling topics, be engaging, get and keep attention while delivering value. Learn our fast step-by-step content creation system. Videotaping (or audiotaping) recommended. Good for retreats.

“I've hired Marsha many times to help our law firm's partners present and pitch better. She has the perfect pedigree - former Big law lawyer and former TV broadcaster.”

Chief Marketing Officer, AmLaw 50 firm