Zoom Presentation Tips for Lawyers and Executives

Zoom Presentation Tips Video #1

Do you hate how you look when presenting on Zoom? Do you cringe when you see yourself on virtual meetings? Learn to avoid the top 3 "Virtual Presence" mistakes lawyers and other professionals make in the new working from home (WFH) scenario we find ourselves in.


Zoom Presentation Tips Video #2

Top 3 Zoom delivery mistakes lawyers and other professionals make in virtual presenting. Are you making these mistakes?

Yes, you do have to make eye contact - by looking straight into - the WEBCAM. Yes it's hard. Check out Marsha's 3 delivery tips for better virtual presenting.

How law firms can create and deliver effective VIRTUAL professional development training for associates

Professional Development and Recruiting departments of law firms can deliver effective VIRTUAL training and coaching for associates, partners and staff.

We have worked in professional development for lawyers for 20+ years - including creating video thought leadership and e-learning for them, with and without video. Here are our best tips for quickly and cost-effectively creating your own virtual training for associates or for clients!

7 Ideas and 4 Apps for Effective Virtual Training for Lawyers and Thought Leadership for Clients:

  • Create quick video check-ins to connect with colleagues or clients. We recommend using either Searchie, Wistia's Soapbox or Loom to record quick videos to check-in and teach or connect. All three apps record your screen and you. Super fast and easy.
  • And Searchie lets users do a word search inside any video to find what they want in one video, or a playlist! Users can find exactly what they need in a training or Thought Leadership video immediately - making each video more likely to be watched by clients or internal audiences. It also transcribes each video and adds captions - automatically.
  • Use video as much as possible and include transcripts. We recommend our favorite app of all time... Otter.io. It does free transcripts of any audio automatically. Amazing!
  • Record virtual workshops and post recordings with transcripts: This can be as easy as recording a training or update on Zoom and adding a transcript, using Otter.io.
  • Chunk the content: short and focused on skills associates or clients need now
  • Actionable steps: Checklists, worksheets, and templates are key
  • Easy to consume: Mobile-ready content is more likely to be used

ADVANCED TIP: Use screen-recording software to create longer video training or Thought Leadership using slides and voiceover. Three recommendations:

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